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Just how long a minutes is, depends on what side of the door you are on! Decorating Bathrooms.

Just how long a minute is depends on what side of the door you are on! 
Decorating your bathroom with a little help from;
Part 1

While this bathroom was well lit and has a wonderful large window to bring in much natural light, the room felt small and dark.  And while the room has an original claw-foot tub, the wallpaper remains the focal point.Ready? Set,...Sell!  Home Staging & ReDesign helped these homeowners select just the perfect color to create a warm and  inviting atmosphere!  We gave them storage ideas and helped them find a reliable plumber to put in a new faucet and shower to improve the functionality of the room.

Gone is the heavy, dark, busy wallpaper, the tub now has a shower added making it work better for the home owners, all the hardware is now in chrome to match the fun lighting in the room, and the accent pieces bring it all together.  I just wish they would not have thrown away that cool pillow, because this bathroom is the perfect bathroom to soak, read a book and unwind after a long hard day.

Bathrooms should be a place of quiet relaxation, a place to unwind and wash your daily cares away. 
Unfortunately, if your bathroom has busy wallpaper, bright paint color, poor lighting, or clutter
it can be anything but relaxing.  

Think spa!

When decorating a bathroom and putting money into tile work or other details, let those details be the showstoppers!  It is also important to watch the scale of the items are grouped together.  In the following example the wallpaper gives the room an outdated feel as well as taking your eye AWAY from just that which the home owners spent all that money on.  The light fixture is too large for this small guest bathroom and makes the room very bright.  The mirror all but disappears with it's under-scaled size and the polished brass of all the fixtures adds to the outdated feel.

The home owners loved their tile work and large fixtures.  But they wanted this Guest bathroom to be updated keeping the country charm the tile and fixtures bring to the room.  So we at Ready? Set,...Sell!  Home Staging & ReDesign came up with a design to keep those expensive items and freshen up the look with minimal expense!

The wall paper was replaced with a warm, creamy tan that works with the burgandy rope edge tile, the gold light fixture and faucet are replaced with Oil Rubbed Bronze fixtures and the medicine cabinet replaced with a beautifully framed one that is more to scale with the lighting and the sink.  The lighting was toned down to a two light fixture  which was more approriate for the size of this room.  The small clusters of art and accessories added a cluttered feel and were calmed with larger, fewer pieces.  Now, this guest bathroom is a bathroom where guests may linger.

The only problem left for these homeowners is;
Just how long a minute is, depends on what side of the door you are on! 
Decorating your bathroom with a little help from;

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