Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Lake Mills WI 53551, Real Estate Market Report, April - May 2015

April - May 2015

How is the market doing you ask?
Well, here is a snapshot of how the market in the
city and township of Lake Mills WI  53551.

In the month of May there were; 35 new listings,
20 sold listings,
The median List Price was $349,900,
The median Sale Price was $161,000,
Average Sale to List Ratio is 92%,
Average Days on Market are 114.

This is an overall snapshot of the city and township of Lake Mills WI.  The market stats that pertain to your house, condo, land or commercial property are very area and type specific.

April/May 2015

Friday, April 24, 2015

Open House! 325 Pleasant Street in Lake Mills WI 53551, Sunday 4-26-2014 from 11 - 1

Open House!

Sunday, April 26th, 2015
11:00 am - 1:00 pm

For more information; Laura Baker (920) 728-4118
Open House! 325 Pleasant St, Lake Mills WI  53551 April 26 11 - 1
325 Pleasant St
City of Lake Mills, WI 53551-1146
Jefferson County
3 BR, 4 Full BA
$279,000 MLS # 1743252 PIN # 52635
Greeted by a wraparound porch, this 3 bedroom 4 bath Victorian home has the feel of the past along with wonderful updates. It is nestled in the heart of Lake Mills close to schools, Rock Lake and walking distance to downtown. A master suite has been added and a finished basement.  You feel the updates this home has to offer. Entertaining is a breeze with the open feel and a large patio, you can host for all occasions. The over sized garage, w/a bonus room, offers lots of storage and makes this a wonderful place to call home!

Open House!

Sunday, April 26th, 2015
11:00 am - 1:00 pm

For more information; Laura Baker (920) 728-4118

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Did You Know That Only 10% of Buyers Can Visualize Living in the House You Want to Sell?

Did you know that only
10% of buyers
can visualize how they could live in the house you want to sell?

Location!      price     Condition
These are the top 3 value items that bring buyers to (or push them away from) the house you want to sell!

Location is what it is.  Good or bad, you can't change that.  You can only take buyer objections away by optimizing the next two on the list.
Price, listen carefully to your Realtor® and the advice they give you when pricing your home.  No one knows the local market better.
Condition, now this is the item that most of the time you have control over!  Not sure where to start or what needs to be done?  Contact your local Professional Home Stager for a consultation today.

So, what can you do?

Here are items you can do that cost you nothing, but bring value to the way buyers view your home:
1.)  Curb Appeal, freshen up the look of the house by weeding, raking, coiling up the hoses, pick up toys and put away tools.  Make sure there are no signs of pests; such as, hornet and bee nests, mice and bird droppings.  Power wash any mildew that accumulated over the cold damp winter months.

Packing2.)  Pack, Pack, and then when you think you've packed enough, pack some more!  Pack up anything you can live without for the next couple of months (including any furniture other than the essentials).  You are moving after all, right?  This helps show off the storage, square footage and architectural details of the house.

3.)  Clean, Clean, and Clean some more!  Once you've packed and edited out any excess furniture, you will find dirt you never knew you had.  Now it is time to clean your home so you can eat off the floors!  Most importantly, kitchens and bathrooms.  But don't forget the inside of appliances, carpets, curtains, pillows and upholstery.  All these fabrics and places bring the smells of your life into the home.  Negative smells are a huge turnoff to buyers (and that includes many candles, sprays and cleaning agents).  Weather permitting, open windows and air out the house.  Fresh air is highly encouraged!

Kitchen Before
After Kitchen

4.)  Repair and finish any projects that you have started!  A well maintained home has great value to buyers.   When buyers see unfinished projects and a lack of maintenance, they become concerned and either take money off the offer or move on to the next place. 
Light and Bright 
5.)  Clean out light fixtures & put the highest wattage bulb into them, allowed by the manufacturer.  This will lighten and brighten your home making it feel cleaner and larger.

6.)  Clean the inside and outside of all your windows.  Again, this brings in light and brightens up your home.  It will make the home feel larger and there is value in square footage!

Living Room Before 

Living Room After 

7.)  Remove heavy layers of custom draperies.  I know you may have spent a lot of money on those custom draperies, but there are several reasons to remove them.  First and foremost, it helps make the home feel lighter and brighter.  But more importantly, custom draperies tend to be taste specific. 

8.)  Remove any wallpaper and border.  Yes, seriously!  This is one of the biggest objections buyers have.  So, take that objection away and remove it.  It'll go far to help your home appeal to a much greater pool of buyers. 

Bathroom BeforeBathroom After

If you haven't updated your house in several years, it's time to pull out some of the money you've saved by not doing so and invest in the sale of your home.  A professionally trained home stager can give you guidance as to where to put your money and what design styles will attract the target buyer for your home.

From the best paint color for selling to the items that need to be updated, a Professional Home Stager is the best person to give you guidance when it comes to prepping your home for a quick sale and preserving the most equity possible!

Did you know that only
10% of buyers
can visualize how they can live in the house you want to sell?

Laura S. Baker,
South Central WI
(920) 728-4118